how to set header in curl

The "-H" option can be specified multiple times with curl command to define more than one HTTP header fields. For example, the following command sets three HTTP header fields, i.e., … ... More

how to take screenshot on microsoft surface 2

Touch writing can come very handy if you have a hybrid PC or a Microsoft Surface that supports Surface Pen. This Snip & Sketch feature lets you annotate the screenshot via the touchscreen ... More

how to write a screenplay outline for tv

SCREENPLAY FORMAT FOR TV SHOWS - BBC - Writing a screenplay too is different from writing a book. You donat follow the format of writing a book. The difference between the two is that writing a screenplay should incorporate the visual and audio aspects of your story. You may also see speech outline. Examples on How to Write a Movie Screenplay Outline - This includes script consulting ... More

how to use hair clippers on a toddler

Learning to know how to use hair clippers will help you save a lot of money. Hair clippers are, especially, helpful for those who have quick hair growth and do not want to visit the beauty salon every month, for trimming. ... More

how to start an acapella group

7/11/2018 · Organize your own a cappella group if one doesn't already exist. If you can't find an a cappella group near you that you'd like to join, start your own! Advertise your new group around town and hold auditions to find your new members. ... More

how to turn home into rental

Our checklist for turning your second home into a vacation rental is a comprehensive look at everything you need to take care of before your first renters even set foot in your home. Legal Check the short-term rental laws for your state, county, and city. ... More

how to stop people interrupting

This is absolutely my most annoying ADHD trait and I'm trying to figure out how to stop it. I talk over people a lot during conversations,... ... More

how to take credit card details off ipad

The market offers both free and paid applications, where purchases can be made using a applicable credit, debit, or gift card and the payments are directed securely through Google Wallet. Perhaps, you must have noticed that Google asks for your Credit Card when making your first … ... More

how to watch stuff on youtube without signing in

Even without a satellite dish, a nearby sports bar or a cable TV subscription, there are still NFL games that will be available for you to watch football live each Sunday with nothing but the Internet connection youre surfing right now. ... More

how to use horizon modding tool

29/11/2014 · To date 360Revolution has almost 300 mod tools, many unique to 360Revolution. This application gives everybody the chance to get into the world of game and profile modding. 360Revolution uses the latest methods to fix saves and doesnt corrupt unlike other modding tools out there. ... More

how to write good cross examination questions

NOTHING IS more overlooked in trial practice than a good direct examination. Most of us do not devote enough time to its preparation and execution. ... More

how to write a memoir for dummies

Get this from a library! Memoir Writing For Dummies.. [Ryan Van Cleave] -- Learn to: Mine your past for great storiesChoose the best structure to highlight your storyGet your memoir publishedMarket your finished memoir Expert tips and strategies to help you craft your life ... More

mac how to search by file extension

30/12/2012 · Still this is not search by extension. This is searching by filename/file contents where .psd occurs. So if you will have file blah.psd.zip or file with text .psd it will be in search results too. ... More

how to use string in if condition in matlab

If 'function' comes with string-markers, you need to include these in the match. Also, you need to escape the dot (otherwise, it's considered "any character"). ... More

how to use plex to rename files

For example, right click the file and select Rename in Windows or select the file and hit Return in MacOS and type in the new name. Plex media naming conventions There is a specific format that you must use to arrange your media in order to have Plex identify it. ... More

how to make yogurt set hard

Used vanilla Greek yogurt and drizzled over Carrot and Raisin Bars from this site. The vanilla yogurt brought a nice sweetness to the glaze. Very nice non-sugar glaze, my husband said 5 stars. The vanilla yogurt ... More

how to take care after wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth that are healthy and properly positioned can be an asset. RealAge If you decide to keep your wisdom teeth after they grow in, make sure that you brush and floss regularly, taking special care to reach the far back of your mouth where the wisdom teeth reside. ... More

how to use electronic weight

Electronic Fat Burning Belt 28 Day Detox Diet Plan Menu Best Diet Detox Weight Loss Electronic Fat Burning Belt How To Detox Your Liver For Weight Loss Dr Ian Smith Detox Diet Electronic Fat Burning Belt Home Remedy For Natural Detox Detox For 3 Day Smoothies Electronic Fat Burning Belt 30 Day Body Cleanse And Detox Walmart Detox Tea Walmart Reviews The neat thing about them is may … ... More

how to take good photos on manual

Shoot on Manual + Auto ISO + 1/125 sec. + f/5.6 = nice photos of fish shot in a barrel …err, I mean… aquarium. Because the fish don't move that fast, you shouldn’t need much more than a shutter speed of 1/125th sec., any slower and they start to blur. ... More

how to help stop drinking alcohol

If you arent physically addicted to alcohol, you can usually quit drinking with the help of friends or self-help tools. If youre trying to overcome alcoholism, youll need counseling or rehab to help you quit. ... More

how to set timer on samsung ducted air conditioner

The Samsung Maximus is designed so it blends into its surrounds. The exquisitely designed air conditioner is a perfect solution for your stylish and modern home. ... More

how to search two tags on a tumblr blog

Open the blog to modify in your Tumblr dashboard, then click the Customize tab in the right sidebar to open the blog theme with the Customize menu displayed in the left sidebar. Click the Add a Page tab to open the New Page form. ... More

how to train your dragon birthday party supplies

This listing is for a. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON BIRTHDAY BANNER. Measures 8 feet long. New - From a smoke free home! **We have a huge inventory - so if you don't see something that you need, email us and we may be able to list it for you** ... More

how to use redline water wetter

6/08/2015 · Anyone try Redline Water wetter? Being in Texas and being in a heat advisory I wonder how hot my car really is running. Seems ok on the stock guages but thought of adding water wetter to help with the cooling.. always had good luck with in the past on the older 5.0. ... More

how to watch netflix on microsoft laptop

If you watch Netflix on a computer, you get 4K playback only in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 or the Netflix app on Windows 10. If you don't use these applications or Windows 10, you get full HD streams or even less on Netflix on a computer. ... More

how to set up valentines bath

Bathroom vanities can be small and compact, with needing to store so much in them it makes it hard to keep it tidy and organised. Read further for my 7 tips to organise a bathroom cupboard, along with an organised makeover I did on my friends bathroom. A friend of mine was frustrated with her ... More

how to use multi mc

30/03/2016 · This tutorial was inspired by Emzy who had no idea how to install mods! Look below for useful links! MultiMC: https://multimc.org/ Mod Websites: http://mods.... ... More

how to tell if theyre a scamer steam trade

... More

how to start affiliate marketing without money

As the name implies, it was created by this very site and can help anyone start making money with affiliate marketing within just 30 days. Apart from the helpful video, audio and PDF guide to affiliate marketing contained in the program, it also provides you with exact step-by-step and day-to-day actions to take, to start earning with affiliate marketing within mere days. After learning as ... More

trusses measurements how to solve

Diagram (c) is a standard roof truss used in many buildings. Diagram (d) is known as a Warren Truss and is very efficient when used with tubes. Diagram (d) is an N-frame and was used for lots of older bridges. ... More

how to see private instagram accounts no survey

private instagram viewer no survey https://seeprivateinstagram.online/ Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. ... More

how to stop being a page admin on facebook

I created a Facebook page for a company, and my personal account is the "admin" of that page. What I want to do is "like" some other pages, but I want to "like" them as this company's page, not as my personal account. ... More

how to take care of hair daily

Photo: 123rf. The hardest part about working out daily just might be the dilemma we face when it ends. Let’s suppose you shampooed your hair the previous night after gym class. ... More

how to tell if thawed chicken is bad

7/05/2008 · Best Answer: I've never had a chicken spoil if it was kept properly frozen. Freezer burn can be an issue, though, if it's not properly wrapped and although that's not a health hazard, it renders the chicken very unappetizing. ... More

how to turn off firewall on chromebook

Now select the checkbox next to Turn off Windows Defender Firewall under the Public network settings. It is the network between your local network and the internet. This is not recommended and is dangerous because it will let another computer in the network to send and receive signals across the internet. ... More

how to stop word changing shit when i type cf

Encoding your Excel files into a UTF format (UTF-8 or UTF-16) can help to ensure anything you upload into SurveyGizmo can be read and displayed properly. ... More

how to look good naked tv show

"This stage show really does talk about living with anorexia - even when I was on TV and making How To Look Good Naked and helping women with their bodies, I was still struggling very much with my ... More

how to use alberto vo5 hot oil treatment

25/06/2007 · Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment? Will using my anti-dandruff shampoo after the Alberto VO5 hot oil hair treatment damage my scalp or hair? Where can you buy alberto VO5 Hot oil Treatment? More questions. Are hot oil treatments good for your hair? HELP! Using Hot Oil Treatment directly after Haircolor? Answer Questions. WHAT CAN BE PUT OVER IT OILS? HOW TO REDUCE … ... More

panchakacham how to wear it

Pradosham.com © All Rights Reserved . Home; Pooja. Abhishekam; Flower List; Panchagavyam; Nakshatra and Rasi; Panchangam; Scripts ... More

how to say bye and thank you in maltese

Thank you-谢谢 Xièxiè (thank) (pronounced Shay Shay) 你 ni (you) you can just say xie xie though Good bye-再见 Zàijiàn (Pronounced zi Jyan). ... More

how to set time on casio g shock solar watch

How do I set the time on a Casio G-Shock AWG-101 Atomic solar watch for daylight savings? I figured out how to get the analog hands to move, but can't get the digital display to sync up. ... More

apple iphone 4s how to use

Either way, you'll want to remove that unwanted Apple ID, get the iPhone to forget about it permanently, and use your own instead. In this tutorial we show how to achieve this. In this tutorial we ... More

minecraft millenaire mod how to start a village

I was using yogbox and minecolony and the millenaire village spawned right next to it and was going to mess it up with it's buildings if i didn't do something, so i set off on my journey to find a wand of negation. when i found a theives tower i killed them all because i know that they hide good things in locked chests behind a wooden wall in the basement. so i killed them all and unlocked the ... More

how to use checkout 51

A 30 second how to video for Checkout 51 that was used in-app and at tradeshows ... More

dfx powerball how to start

DFX Gyros by Dynaflex - for sport, for fitness, for rehabilitation. The Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser increases endurance for. The Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser is a great workout tool. ... More

how to stop facebook ads in videos

26/07/2016 How to Block All Facebook Apps. If you're like most people using Facebook, it's likely that you've become very tired of seeing all of those annoying app requests in your timeline. Fortunately, you can get rid of them ... More

how to use weed as a tool

A weed trimmer is a perfect tool to help you get rid of these unwanted plants. However, like any other tool you need to learn the basics of how to use it. Luckily, weed whackers are simple to use. ... More

how to stop getting sweaty hands when nervous

Whenever I get nervous, just like that I start sweating. I have tried many things but nothing works out. At school I sweat and I dont understand why. My friends dont sweat and I dont get why they dont and I do.I just want to know why I sweat when nervous and how to stop nervous sweating ... More

how to use social cognitive theory to your advantage

By acquiring a working knowledge of the more popular leadership theories, you can choose to apply the ideas that are most relevant to your situation. Trait Theories Under trait theories, leaders display honesty, emotional maturity, strong motivation, and drive as well as cognitive ability. ... More

how to work out portfolio standard deviation

If the standard deviation is relatively large, it means the data is quite spread out away from the mean. If the standard deviation is relatively small, it means the data is concentrated near the mean. ... More

how to set up text to speech on iphone

Talk For Me - Text to Speech, designed and engineered by a person who lost the ability to speak, seeks to make your life easier. Type in the main text area or tap one of the six main custom buttons and your iOS device will talk for you. Want to set up more custom phrases? Swipe up and up again for more pages with custom editable buttons. Need even more? Save phrases in an archive database ... More

how to use barometer on s5

2/01/2019 · A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. The air in the atmosphere exerts a force called pressure that constantly changes due to moving weather systems. Therefore, in conjunction with other The air in the atmosphere exerts a force called pressure that constantly changes due to moving weather systems. ... More

how to turn off touchpad on asus

I managed to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my asus ux501 vw, but some of my shortcut are not working. I'm not looking to fix them all, but just one : the shortcut which allow me to enable or disable touc... ... More

how to use podcast on android

Podcast Addict is another great name for listening podcasts on your Android device. It has both the free and the premium versions. You can bring feeds from many different sources using the app. ... More

how to tell which intel socket i have

PGA CPUs are inserted into a socket which means they can potentially be upgraded in the future. The BIOS must recognize the CPU though otherwise the laptop (or desktop) may not boot at all or the CPU runs at reduced speeds. ... More

how to see emojis on android

If you have an Android phone, but still do not see the latest round of emojis in your keyboard, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you will need to opt-in to Android Beta release program. ... More

how to write a ceo annual report

8/11/2016 · Calumet Specialty Partners. In Calumet’s 2015 Annual Report, the company dedicates a page to its 25-year legacy and includes a historical timeline, from the founding of the company by the outgoing CEO to the start date of the incoming CEO. ... More

how to get my child to stay in bed

Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with parents who cannot get their child to sleep through the night in their own bed. Sleep is a flexible behavior, and it is very normal for children to look for their parents if ... More

how to see less icons on your task bar

2) Then you will see the "Show Desktop" icon is on the taskbar. Once you click on the icon, Windows 10 will minimize all open windows at once and immediately show the desktop. Once you click the icon a second time, you will bring all open windows back. ... More

how to solve fraction exponents

Fraction to the power, algebraic expressions fraction, 8th grade math star test, Easy free explanation for LCM and GCF, how to solve aptitude questions, mcdougal littell workbook answers, software to solve 30 simultenous equations. ... More

how to set up your oculus sensors

There are fixes available to let you continue with your favorite game on Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift is one of the best virtual reality systems that lets you explore the world of virtual reality. But this doesnt mean that it is free from errors. ... More

how to write a growth plan

Pastor, You Need a Spiritual Growth Plan Developing life in the Spirit is a customized process. John Ortberg. Bio @ Take the practice of writing in a journal, for example. I once mentioned ... More

how to send roblox feedback

Roblox Promo Codes. Go to roblox.com. 194+ active Roblox promo codes and discounts as of January 2019. Free Roblox.com coupons verified to instantly save you more for what you love. ... More

how to set hl-388 aquarium water heater

In 1981, the first solar water heater was patented, but it was the hot box that was the prototype that gave way to using solar energy to create heated water to millions of people since 1982. ... More

how to support a marathon runner

For example, if you let people know that you will be running another marathon in two months, they can start putting aside money now to support your next fundraiser. It is also always a good idea to remind people that you will need their support throughout the entire marathon season. ... More

how to set up pandora on chevy mylink

When you set up your MyLink, customize the screen so that the functions you use most often are accessible at all times. No more fumbling around trying to find your favorite satellite radio station, or trying to understand what your navigation system is telling you to do. ... More

how to use clove oil to treat premature ejaculation

King Cobra oil is the best herbal oil for premature ejaculation. This herbal oil is prepared with natural herbs and oils in appropriate combination. Men who are searching for the remedies to treat erections naturally are recommended to massage their organ with this herbal oil. ... More

how to use cdata in xml

Post specific problems or questions you have about PHP or your code. Review our github to see if your question already has a great answer. If someone answers ... More

how to use golden turmeric elixir

A healing elixir to boost immunity made with turmeric, milk of choice, raw honey, coconut oil, and warming spices. This golden milk is liquid health. This golden milk is liquid health. Turmeric ... More

how to stop baby from going bald

Baby’s bald spot – natural hair growth treatments Is your baby suffering from a bald spot? Well, I’ve got here the best natural hair growth treatments to use, trust me, they are very efficient and they will give you very fast and healthy results. ... More

how to talk so kids can learn ebook

From America's leading experts on parent-child communication, authors of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk and Siblings Without Rivalry, comes abreakthrough guide telling parents and techers how to handle one of the burning issues of our day: how to motivate kids to succeed in school at a time when schools are rife with ... More

how to use teamviewer to control another computer

Join.me and TeamViewer work similarly, except you'll remotely access your dad's computer via a Web interface with join.me, while you'll use a separate piece of software with TeamViewer. Because it ... More

how to take card details off wish

Add and remove. This one takes the most maintenance, but it is a viable solution. You simply add the credit card to the account when you want to purchase something, and then remove it again. It is best if you schedule once-a-week or once-a-month purchases for the iPad. ... More

poor mans sql formatter how to use in visual studio

18/04/2012 · Poor SQL is my preferred option, but mainly because it offers a free plug-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio. Tags Application SQL Comments (9) ... More

how to use tact switch as power switch

Use a Momentary or Tactile Switch As a Pushbutton Switch.: Just a Moment Tactile switches (a specific type of momentary switch) are everywhere and they are especially popular on DIY electronics and microcontroller boards because they are well suited to act as a boot option or reset switch. Particularly,... ... More

how to wear all black mens

28/09/2017 How Much Salman Khan SPENDS On His LIFESTYLE - Check OutSalman Khan is a indeed a fashion icon for many youngsters. He wears clothes that one would vie to have. ... More

how to tell if xanax bars are fake

For example,a suitable opaque plastic Cheap ultram 50mg with paypal container should be used, if a lightresistant container is specified. the urine is much dimin-ished and complete anuria often occurs in a few hours. but they are not •superior to blaud's pills in this respect. the appetite is bad, and the patient complains of heaviness ... More

wd my passport how to use

Each color of the new WD My Passport comes with a color matching USB cable. Josh Miller/CNET If you want to store a lot of data, and maybe even use ... More

how to train a dog not to chase chickens

Plus, since the chickens arent bothered with the cats, it kind of makes the cats not bothered with the chickens. Whereas, if the chickens were always running away from the cats, the cats might be more inclined to chase them. ... More

how to get the girl you want law of attraction

Because the law of attraction takes requests literally and ignores negatives, you wont be using these directly otherwise youll end up with the girl of your nightmares. But it does pay to look at these and then deduce what the opposite is so that you can add that in to your list of traits that youre trying to attract. ... More

how to put up a banner stand

These telescoping banner stands that roll up are a popular choice among vendors at trade shows. The compact styling and portable design make these graphics displays easy to set up and take down. Choose banner stands that are retractable in various widths and heights. All of these units include a metal base and pole as well as a top rail to secure the graphics to the pole. Many of these banner ... More

how to turn on telstra tv

21/01/2012 · So I rang up Telstra, was kept on hold for 5-10 minutes, and asked the man who was no doubt overseas somewhere to turn off voicemail. Voicemail was successfully turned off, but then I started getting the highly annoying "voice to text" text messages. ... More

how to watch plex on chrome

If you're a Plex Pass subscriber, you can also sync files from your Plex server onto your phone. So before a flight to the US, you can select the files you want to watch, and have them dumped onto your phone ready for offline viewing. This also allows you to reduce the size and quality to suit your device's space and playback options. ... More

how to potty train your chihuahua

B+ How To Train A Chihuahua Puppy To Potty Train Get Your Dog to Listen to You Now! Proven Training Method, Hands Off Dog Training. ... More

how to start fsx hornet

9/07/2012 · This is the FSX/Acceleration Hornet landing on the default carrier at Norfolk NAS. You'll have to excuse the lag, my PC always lags when I use FRAPS. ... More

how to use mesh tea ball infuser

Description. Approx capacity, depending on the kind of tea: 4cm – 10g of tea leaves 5cm – 15g of tea leaves 7cm – 25g of tea leaves. Capacity will differ when you use it with herbal tea … ... More

how to tell a spitfire from a hurricane by sound

"Hawker Hurricane The Hawker Hurricane was the first operational R. aircraft capable of a top speed in excess of 300 m. The design of the Hurricane, directed by Sydney Camm, was the outcome of." The design of the Hurricane, directed by Sydney Camm, was the outcome of." ... More

how to use a compression sack

7/01/2019 · A good compression sack can squash down a sleeping bag quite substantially, regardless of whether it's down or synthetic. The goal in using one would be to start by dropping the volume by at least half, and I know my OR sacks compress a sleeping bag to less than a quarter of its original size and even smaller in the case of down. ... More

how to respond to this relationship isnt what i want

... More

how to set up a marketing company

How to Set Up a Fundraising Business by Don Simkovich ; Updated September 26, 2017 A reputable fundraising business plays a vital role in keeping nonprofit organizations operating and providing needed services to communities. ... More

how to stop biting yourself

20/08/2014 · I would stay away from giving yourself manicures, because the more attention you put on your nails, the more you're going to want to bite them. Don't even clean them, every time you go to bite ... More

how to stop my eating addiction

Fast food gives you a pain-soothing high. You resort to it repeatedly to drive this sensation that makes it up for you. Probably your pathalogical relationship with fast food goes way back. ... More

how to wear a green tie

These ties are ideal for daily work wear, Navy, burgundy, mustard yellow and olive green ties are best suited for the Fall & Winter Seasons, while pastel colored ties look best during Spring & Summer time! *** The Dark Knot is a men’s accessories line carrying silk ties, linen and silk pocket squares and lapel flowers. They also offer Free Style Consultations to help you choose ties ... More

how to use uploadsas.com

Using Eventus® for WRDS through PC SAS/Connect Remote Submission 3 where pcfile and wrdsfile can be changed to other allowed SAS shortcut names if desired. ... More

how to stop being a toxic friend

By the way, if a friend is truly toxic or abusive towards you, you obviously have the right to drop the friendship cold turkey. View this photo on Instagram instagram.com ... More

proshow producer how to set caption to scroll

Photodex ProSho! w Gold - Producer 4.1.2711 with Portable and Full Style Pack ProShow Gold is the complete slide show software solution for sharing your best memories on DVD, PC, and the Web! ... More

how to stop foot growth

20/04/2018 · Slow or prevent blood loss by putting pressure on bleeding wounds. While you do this, try to keep your dog as calm as... While you do this, try to keep your dog as calm as... With quick thinking and care you can stop your dog's bleeding and keep it safe. ... More

how to think bigger then small business

As a small business owner, you can concentrate on small details — every client is important, every suggestion is heard, every phone call is important. A larger company can afford to throw away clients if they complain. They may also not feel the pinch of losing three or four clients a week; since they figure that they will get them back next week – or so they think. ... More

how to set hotmail on iphone ios10

Hi Brian, I came across this article when I was searching how to save contact on iphone to default for Gmail. I have the iphone 7 with ios 10.0.2. ... More

how to see your speed camera photo

New speed cameras don't just record your speed - they can see if you're wearing a seatbelt or eating too. The speed limit is not the only thing drivers need to worry about ... More

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how to tell genuine holden tail light


how to work out total moles of gas

2.0/ 12.0 = 0.167 of the total pressure. 78.00 is to 0.167 as the total pressure is to one, so 468 mmHg is the answer. 72. A flask contains 2.00 moles of nitrogen and 2.00 moles of helium.

how to set up twitch prime in australia

25/03/2014 Hey all, I am posing this question to people who use Twitch. I am looking to Live Stream my own games to advertise my gaming community. After hours of

how to take full backup of computer

To backup your settings, go to PC settings, SkyDrive, Sync settings, and make sure Sync settings on this PC is turned-on, and finally choose the settings you want to save in the cloud. (Remember that settings could take some time to sync, if you are enabling them for the first time.)

how to train your dragon 2 eret and ruffnut

Kit Harington as Eret, a former dragon trapper, the new second-in-command of Berk and Ruffnut's love interest. He rides Nightshade, A recent discover female Night Fury. He rides Nightshade, A recent discover female Night Fury.

how to teach your horse the spanish walk

Once walking, you will need to find and develop the perfect pace that neither inhibits your horse by walking too slow or allows unwanted turns from gaps as you walk too fast. The idea behind this exercise is to develop a feel for absorbing the forward movement of your horse softly into your hands.

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